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Ar Sarly gives expert opinion on Astro Awani

Today Malaysia suffered a tragedy when the Main block of Hospital Sultan Aminah in Johor caught fire. When Astro Awani's prime time news sought after expert advice from the industry with regard to hospital design, fire safety and the legal aspect of building they sought out [SA]² and our Chief architecturalist Ar Sarly Adre to answer the tough questions.

Ar Sarly mentioned that public should not make any assumptions pending full investigation by Bomba and the Ministry. He also mentioned that even though the hospital has been through many renovations each renovation the architect would have gone through a submission process to the Fire Department and also undergo a thorough inspection before being occupied. In all likelihood cases such as this usually stem from human error or carelessness. Another possibility is poor maintenance which in this case is highly unlikely as the fire originated from the ICU which is usually a very well maintained area due to the critical nature of its function.

He also added that Malaysia's Uniform Building By Laws are quite comprehensive and among the best in the world with regard to fire safety. Our most sincere condolences to the victims of this tragedy. It is truly a sad turn of events.

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