[SA]² Congratulates TS Esa Mohamed - PAM Gold Medal 2016!!

[SA]² heartiest congratulation to Tan Sri Esa Mohamed for being conferred to PAM Gold Medal 2016!

The PAM Gold Medal is the highest honour awarded by PAM to recognise lifetime achievement in architecture by Malaysian architects, whose careers have endowed the profession with great distinction and have promoted, either directly or indirectly, the advancement of architecture in Malaysia or internationally.

Truly apt timing since Tan Sri Esa is currently the president of the UIA (UNION INTERNATIONALE DES ARCHITECTES or INTERNATIONAL UNION OF ARCHITECTS) The umbrella body for all architecture institutes worldwide with a combined membership of over 1 million architects. There have only been 6 past PAM Gold Medal winners - the late Dato’ Ar Kington Loo (1988), the late Dato’ Ar Hisham Albakri (1992), Datuk Seri Ar Lim Chong Keat (1997), Ar Hijjas Kasturi (2001), Dato’ Ar Dr Baharuddin bin Abu Kassim (2008), Dato’ Ar Dr Kenneth Yeang (2011) and Dato’ Ar Hj Hajeedar bin Haji Abdul Majid (2012).

Ar Sarly and Ar Erdayu were there at the celebration dinner at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. Ar Erdayu was also one of the Proposers for Tan Sri Esa to receive the Awards!

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