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MH17 Memorial

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IJmeer Amsterdam NETHERLANDS


Make Better

20 milion EURO

5682.81 m² (61169.3 ft²)

up to 8 Hectares


Honourable Mention


Garden of Fallen Flowers

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Project Abstract


298 perished. Each totem celebrates individuality, unmasking the blanket of the tragedy and to mourn the mishap individually. The array of totems surrounds a circular translucent pavilion floating above the water surface that houses the programs dedicated to peace education in regard to the tragedy. Visitors travel to the pavilion via rowing boats, a spiritual ritual through the forest of totems. The visitors bring with them flowers to be hung on totem poles.

When visitors pass by these totems, kinetic energy is generated from the waves and increases the intensity of the light .The inner metal tubes of the totems vibrates as it sways due to the waves creating a melancholic melody. The higher the number of visitors, the more friction happening, the more melodies we hear. Each visit gives a uniquely different experience to the users.

The fallen flowers cover the surface of the Cold Harbor water creating a new landscape above it, transcending the possibility of what park typology could be. A landscape that appears and disappears, a landscape that dilutes the edge of reality and illusion. Representing the fragility of life. A garden. A garden of fallen flowers.


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