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Khalifah School

Data Summary



Project type: 


Construction Cost:

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Sepang Selangor MALAYSIA

Physical Project

Khalifah Insitute

7 million (RM) total project cost

5682.81 m² (61169.3 ft²)

3 acres

Full Scope


Ahmad Fuad Shafie, CM Hasib

Khalifah Model Secondary School

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Project Abstract


The Khalifah Model Secondary School is an English medium private islamic tahfiz school which is based on the Khalifah Method. The idea of a Tahfiz School that is in tune with the role of humanity on this earth as caretakers of the earth seem to be instinctive and natural. The Khalifah method of learning expounds the shaping of character based on Quran and Sunnah. [SA]² were tasked to formulate and realise these core concepts to generate this very forward looking islamic school. Extreme care was taken to develop systems that would be environmentally sustainable and also economically viable while maintaining the precepts of islamic education. Islamic architecture was translated in content rather than form resulting in a very subtle understated design.


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