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Faiz Green Residence

Data Summary



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Construction Cost:

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Sungai Merab, Selangor MALAYSIA

Physical Project

Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd

3 million (RM) total project cost

700 m² (7534.7 ft²)

3 acres

Full Scope



A suatainable dwelling in an orchard

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Project Abstract


Currently Malaysia has hundreds of million square feet of green rated spaces but only a handful which is rated Platinum. This building aims to be among the few building to be crowned with the elusive Platinum Rating from GBI. The client wanted to build his house in the middle of his family's durian orchard without disturbing any of the trees. This meant that the structure had to be meticulously designed to avoid all the local foliage. The whole concept of the house is to provide security through level separation and to enable the user to enjoy entertaining guests while still maintaining a high degree of privacy within the house. All trees in the area were surveyed and the house was planned around the local fauna.


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