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Architectural Heroism

[SA]² was established on the notion that architecture has the capacity to transform life and improve the human condition. That people still matter most and that a few good designers can change the world. In [SA]² we believe that we will one day hand down this earth to our children and entrusted with that responsibility we must then endevour our very best to care for it. Hence, our deep roted belief in sustainable development and community centric design solutions. [SA]² is a place of optimism where we have collected those who believe in these ideals into a league of extraordinary architects that would set out to make the world a better place. We make it our utmost goal that we leave those that we have touched with our work thinking that there is a better way to do things, there is a smarter way to do things. Our forte is bringing value through opening up new perspectives and ideas to our clients: with it the certainty that architecture as art appreciates and the final bottomline can be more than just fiduciary but rather socially, environmentally and spiritually as well. We aspire to become the best architects in the world.


[SA]² is committed to realising good architecture and ensure that good design prevail.


We believe that architecture heroism still exist and it only takes a little glimmer of hope and inspiration to make it shine.

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